Terms of use of the Berliner FamilienPass

Who can use the Berliner FamilienPass?

Only families living in Berlin may use the Berliner FamilienPass.
A family comprises any parent-child or grandparent-child relationship, including children in long-term care.
For all discounts and raffles, at least one parent or grandparent must participate together with at least one child. All children / young people up to (and including) 17 years of age in a family may participate. However, individual service providers have special age restrictions. If this is the case, these restrictions are described in the offer text.
All families living in Berlin can use the FamilienPass regardless of their income. Some additional offers are for low-income families only. These are marked as “extra offers”. Please also read the corresponding section below.

Important: Fill in the FamilienPass card...

You can find the FamilienPass card in the back cover. The information entered on the FamilienPass card must match the information on the ID cards of your family members. By signing, you confirm that the information entered by you is correct and you also accept these terms of use (also printed in the pass: p. 231/232). In addition, the general terms and conditions of the respective partner shall apply.

… and always remember to take the FamilienPass with you!

In principle, you must always present the FamilienPass when you wish to make use of the offers. Please always remember to take your FamilienPass with you when you wish to use discounts or participate in raffles.

For raffles, you must also bring an ID document with you.

For our raffle events and offers, please note that: you must bring the FamilienPass and an ID document for at least one of the parents/grandparents with you.
Tickets that you win for events and offers are non-transferrable. The tickets are non-transferable.

“Extra offers” for low-income families

Low-income families can register with JugendKulturService as “Extra customers” and then also profit from additional offers.
In order to do so,

  • you must present your berlinpass (or similar individual documents) or
  • the certificate of receipt of child benefit (pursuant to Section 6a Federal Child Benefit Act (BKGG)) 
  • and your current Berliner FamilienPass.

You can send us the proof by post or email too.
Data privacy notice: By completing the registration, you provide us with your consent for your data to be stored and processed insofar as this is necessary to process your applications for “extra offers” and the performance and follow-up processing of these offers.


The FamilienPass is valid from 1/1/2020 to 31/12/2020. However, some offers are only valid for a limited period. These are described in the offer text.


We do not assume any liability for personal injury or material damage caused during events, trips, etc. Participation is at your own risk. Parents are responsible for their children.

Up-to-dateness, errors and changes

The admission fees and discounts stated in the FamilienPass are subject to change.
All the information contained in this pass has been created to the best of our knowledge and checked carefully before the editorial deadline. However, we cannot exclude the possibility of errors or subsequent changes. Therefore, we cannot assume responsibility for the correctness and the completeness of the information.

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Important information

The Berliner FamilienPass offers you around 300 discounts that can be used separately and more than 200 free events, where lots are drawn with the participants’ names. In 2020, we will also be offering some short trips. These are reserved for low-income and single-parent families.

300 discounts for parents and children

  • Coupons with an scissors symbol: These coupons can only be used once for the respective offers. Remove the respective coupon and hand it over at the till.
  • All other coupons: Here, you only have to show your FamilyPass card to get the discounts. If the event in question is not a one-off event, these offers can be used multiple times during the course of the year.

Raffles – free events exclusively for FamilienPass holders

  • The participants for these events are drawn by lot. Therefore, interested families must register online for participating in the raffle before the respective registration deadline.
  • We conduct all our raffles using the software “feripro”. This is why registration for raffles is only possible online, i.e. you will need a computer with internet access and a valid email address. You can only register for the raffles if you accept the privacy policy. This can be found atwww.bfp-berlin.feripro.de/datenschutz.
  • Register at www.bfp-berlin.feripro.de with your personal family information and 15-digit FamilienPass code, which you will find on the FamilienPass card. After registering successfully, you can apply for all FamilyPass activities till the end of the year as soon as they are released.
  • Participants will be entered once a month in the raffle for the FamilyPass activities. You will have approximately 4 weeks to register for the monthly raffles. The months will be released accordingly for registration.
  • The participants for the shot tripsshall be selected around three months before the respective trip date.
  • Open spots are constantly raffled off by us and the winners are notified later. However, spots could also open up owing to last-minute cancellation (e.g. due to illness). You can therefore enquire at the JugendKulturService about free spots on the Friday before the event, which are allocated to those next in line at short notice. The telephone number is: 030-23 55 62-0.
  • Participation in person for family members only: Only the family members whose names are included in the FamilyPass may take part in the raffled-out activities. This means a maximum of two adults with their children or grandchildren.
  • Spots won by the participant may be used by the participant only: The tickets are non-transferable. If you need to cancel, please do so in good time so that other families can still take your place.

What do I need to keep in mind regarding the events?

  • If you win a ticket for an event in a raffle, we request you to either accept it or, if you are unable to attend, cancel it in good time. Otherwise, you will be taking away the chance to participate from others who are interested.
  • Please respect the starting time of the events. This applies mainly to trips and outings.
  • We do not assume any responsibility for personal injury or material damage caused during the events, trips, etc. Participation is at your own risk.

Last updated: 15/11/2019

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