Terms of use and user information on the Super-Ferien-Pass

The following applies to all discounts and raffles in the Super-Ferien-Pass:
The information contained in the Super-Ferien-Pass has been created to the best of our knowledge and checked carefully. However, errors or subsequent changes cannot be excluded. Therefore, we cannot assume responsibility for the correctness and the completeness of the information. The admission fees and discounts stated in the Super-Ferien-Pass are subject to change. It is also possible that offers are (temporarily) cancelled (e.g. owing to construction work). There is no right of appeal.

The discounts are applicable on all the days (of the school holidays) and are printed on the middle section of the pool pass (summer holidays 2019 up to and including Easter holidays 2020). In case of differing validity periods, this is marked specifically.

The Super-Ferien-Pass can be used by children and adolescents up to 18 years old, living in Berlin. The pass is divided into two sections, a children’s section for kids up to the age of 11 and an adolescent section for young people from the age of 12 to 18. Children and young people can only use discounts and participate in raffles that are included in their respective age group.
Exception: The discounts in the diagonally printed middle section and the pool pass can be used by children and adolescents up to 18 years old!

Please note that you need to attach a passport photograph to the pass (see pool pass) in order to use the pass.

With your or legal guardian’s signature, it shall be confirmed that the information on the pool pass in the middle section of the pass is correct and complete, and you accept these terms of use as binding. In addition, the general terms and conditions of the respective partner shall apply.

The use of any of the discounts and participation in any raffles won shall be at the participant’s own risk. We do not assume any responsibility for personal injury or material damage caused during the events, trips, etc.

Super price (from p. 35 onwards): Unless otherwise specified, all offers are valid only on the days (of holiday) listed on the pool pass and for the owner of the Super Holiday Pass. In order to make use of all the discounts, the personal Super-Ferien-Pass must be brought along as verification and shown at the entrance/checkout without this needing to be requested.

  • Scissors: One-time free or discounted entry to places or establishments: For this, you need to cut out the relevant part with the logo and give it at checkout.
  • No scissors: Multiple free or discounted entry to places or establishments: Here, you have to show the corresponding page at the checkout:
  • Meter stamp: If you see a meter stamp printed on the page, this offer can be used as many times as the number on the stamp

RAFFLES − Free events exclusively for Super-Ferien-Pass holders

We use the software “feripro” for all our raffles. The individual raffles will be released in good time before the beginning of the respective holidays on the portal www.sfp-berlin.feripro.de . Registration for raffles is only possible online, i.e. you or your parents will need a computer with internet, and a valid email address. Many libraries also have free Wi-Fi.
If you have any problem here, please get in touch with us: We are happy to help and would be pleased to work together to find a solution (for contact details, see legal notice M32).

Raffle tickets (p. 5-33): You can only participate in the raffles if you accept the data protection policy. You can find this at: www.sfp-berlin.feripro.de/datenschutz. The spots for the respective event shall be raffled off. To participate in the events won in the raffles, you need the written consent of your parents and must accept the terms of participation.

Please log in at www.sfp-berlin.feripro.de by the registration deadline specified in the pass. These raffles will no longer be available after this date. Please read the information about the raffles on pg. 4 (section for children and adolescents). You can find your personal code in the middle section of the foldable pool pass.

Data protection information for contacting us:
If you contact us by telephone, email or fax, we have to save and process your enquiry, including all the personal data which is associated with this (name, enquiry), in order to be able to process your question or request. We do not pass on your data to anyone else! You can find more information in our Data protection policy at www.jugendkulturservice.de/de/datenschutz/

More information:

  • Please keep in mind the various registration application deadlines (1st to 3rd parts of summer holidays, autumn holidays, Christmas holidays, winter holidays, Easter holidays) for the holiday raffles.
  • Not all raffles are released at the same time. We have divided the summer holidays into three parts for organisational reasons. The following applies from the autumn holidays onwards: The raffle will be open for registration roughly one month before the beginning of the respective holidays
  • After the raffle, all registered participants will receive an email from us informing them which events they have won and for which events they are on the waiting list. If you win an event, you must avail of the offer within a specified time period by pressing the confirmation button. Otherwise, we will have to assume that you are not interesting in participating in the event. Following the re-registration deadline, all unconfirmed registrations will be deleted and the spots will be given to children and/or young people on the waiting list.
  • Tip: Your chance to “move up the line”
    If spots open up, this will be announced by us regularly, and the winners will be subsequently informed. Spots can also open up in case of last-minute cancellations (e.g. owing to illness) now and then. You can therefore call up JugendKulturService three days before an event to check if there are any free spots that can be allocated to you. The telephone number is: 030-23 55 62-0. We usually also make an announcement on Facebook and Twitter when spots open up. Of course, we cannot guarantee any last-minute open spots!
  • Tip: The Joker raffles: We will most likely offer various other raffles to particular events during the validity period. These are our Joker raffles, which were not fixed when the pass was made and therefore cannot be included in the printed pass. You can find the “Joker” on the same site as the other raffles at www.sfp-berlin.feripro.de.
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