The Super-Ferien-Pass in the Bildungs- und Teilhabepaket (Education and Participation Package)

Principal requirements:
In principle, children and young people up to and including the age of 18 living in Berlin can be reimbursed for the costs of a Super-Ferien-Pass within the framework of social and cultural participation insofar the children and/or their families receive benefits

  • in accordance with Book II of the Social Code (SGB II) (Unemployment Benefit II, Income Support),
  • Book XII of the Social Code (SGB XII) (Social Welfare), 
  • the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act 
  • or child benefit and/or housing benefit.

The respective service centres (job centre (Jobcenter), social services (Sozialamt), Office for Refugees (Landesamt für Flüchtlingsangelegenheiten), Housing Benefit Authority (Wohngeldstelle)) are responsible for this.

New procedure as of 01/08/2019:
as of 1st August 2019, participation activities will be granted as a benefit payment to those who are entitled to this. (Direct payment to the provider of the activity shall no longer take place.) A separate application no longer needs to be submitted for social and cultural participation benefits. Instead, as of 1st August 2019, an application for these benefits shall be deemed, in principle, to have been submitted with the application for benefits pursuant to Book II of the Social Code (SGB II), Book XII of the Social Code (SGB XII) and the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act.

With regard to reimbursement of the costs, it is sufficient for the individual who is entitled to obtain the benefits to provide suitable proof of participation in an activity. In addition to the name and address, this proof must include details of the activity on offer and the associated costs. The Super-Ferien-Pass is recognised as a special offer for cultural participation and is recognised by the service centres. Therefore, the receipt for the purchase of the pass is sufficient in terms of proof. You now have the opportunity to provide proof of your participation expenses throughout the entire authorisation period. There does not have to be a temporal link between the application and participation activity.

For the entire authorisation period, the benefit is granted as a monthly flat-rate payment of EUR 15.00. This no longer depends on the amount of the actual costs and the duration of a participation activity.

You can find out more in the Education and Participation Package (Bildungs- und Teilhabepaket) Leaflet (PDF, 90 KB).

Two basic options for granting the benefits:
each individual entitled to the benefit may purchase 1 Super-Ferien-Pass from any sales outlet for EUR 9.

  1. Option: no payment of the benefit to date
    If no proof of other activities relating to social and cultural participation (e.g. sports club, youth art classes) has yet been provided, the proof of purchase or receipt must be provided to the respective service centre as proof. After review and authorisation, the benefit is paid out as a total sum for the entire authorisation period.

  2. Option: payment of the benefit already ongoing
    If the individual entitled to the benefit has already received a benefit payment due to other activities relating to social and cultural participation or receives such payments each month, then the purchase of the Super-Ferien-Pass is covered by these existing benefit payments. There shall be no additional reimbursement.

Recipients of housing benefit apply for the education and participation benefits together with the housing benefit application in the future. A corresponding additional sheet for the housing benefit application (PDF, 95 KB) has been provided for this purpose.

In the event you receive child benefit, the following applies:

  1. firstly, we ask you to complete the “Antrag auf Leistungen für Bildung und Teilhabe” (Application for benefits for education and participation).
    We offer you the service of application forms we have prepared for this purpose, which you can download and print:
    “Antrag für das vereinfachte Verfahren für Leistungsempfänger im Rahmen des Kinderzuschlag und / oder Wohngeld” (Application for simplified procedure for recipients of Child Benefit and/or Housing Benefit) (Section 6 Federal Child Benefit Act (BKGG)) (PDF, 211 KB)

    In addition to all the personal details for you and your child/children, for applications pursuant to SGB II, SGB XII or the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act,  “Teilhabe am sozialen, kulturellen und sportlichen Leben” (Participation in social, cultural and sports events) should be selected in Section C, with the “Super-Ferien-Pass” being added as an activity and the price being entered as EUR 9. In the application form under BKGG, this section starts on page 3.
    The name and address of the service provider are as follows: JugendKulturService gGmbH, Obentrautstr. 55, 10963 Berlin.
    We have already entered all this information for the first child for you. Please enter this information for any other children you may have.

  2. The completed application is then sent to the relevant housing benefit authority. The application will be then checked and approved by them.

  3. The purchase price will be refunded once a receipt or document verifying the purchase of a Super- Ferien-Pass is submitted to the Service Point. You can also send the receipt or document along with the application. Please note that the money will only be refunded after the Service Point gives its approval. You are therefore making an advance payment if you purchase the pass before submitting the application.

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