What’s new in the Super-Ferien-Pass 2019/2020

Cover image for Super-Ferien-Pass 2019/20 | @ Rebecca Haupt 
Cover image for Super-Ferien-Pass 2019/20 | @ Rebecca Haupt

Since there are so many offers, there may be last-minute changes that unfortunately cannot be avoided: Even after going to press, we sometimes receive requests for revision, have to respond to events that arise, or come out with new offers for you. Therefore, we constantly update this page to keep you up to date. We also announce the activities for the Joker coupon raffles here.

If you want to keep up with the latest at JugendKulturService, keep checking this page! Note: The latest news is always right at the start of the page, and older news can be found as you scroll down.

Changes to and information about the Super-Ferien-Pass


  • before using an offer, always ensure that you find out if there are any special conditions specified by our partners (parental consent, age limits, etc.). This way, you won’t be disappointed.

Pool pass

  • The offers may be restricted due to renovation work at the pools. You can find current information about the construction work and all the addresses and opening hours for the outdoor, summer and indoor pools operated by Berliner Bäder-Betriebe at: www.berlinerbaeder.de

Current questions about the Super-Ferien-Pass:

  • Where is my code to register for the raffles?? 
  • When will new passes be available??

You have asked us both of these questions in the past few days...

We would like to apologise to you because our error resulted in the important information regarding where you can find your unique personal code to register for our raffles being omitted. We have now corrected the error. However, please find the information here again:
You can find your code on the foldable pool pass. The code is at the bottom left of the page with your personal details and the ID photo under the Berliner Bäder-Betriebe logo. In order to log into “feripro”, please enter the numbers and letters, including the hyphens.

And now, about the second question:
we are absolutely thrilled that there has been so much interest in the pass this year and that so many of you have bought and are buying it. However, this does mean that some of the sales outlets are currently sold out. But now for the good news: we have been working hard and are pleased to announce that, as of Monday, we will be able to supply the sales outlets with new passes, which are hot off the press.

If you have any other questions about the pass or experience any problems with the pass, then please get in touch with us!  Please feel free to contact us by telephone (030-23 55 62-0) or by sending an email to ferienpass@jugendkulturservice.de.

We hope you have fun in your school holidays and really enjoy using your Super-Ferien-Pass!

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