TUKI im KIEZ, together with TUKI - Theater & Kita plans to reach the youngest residents of Berlin and bring the theatre to places that don’t have enough children’s theatre.

The programme by TUKI im KIEZ gives children the opportunity to get a feel of theatre in their immediate social environment, thereby making a significant contribution to the cultural participation of children in Berlin.

Photo: Franziska Hauser
Photo: Franziska Hauser

TUKI im KIEZ - Theatre for children in Reinickendorf

In collaboration with the Fontane-Haus of the district authority of Reinickendorf Berlin (Department of Building, Education and Culture), TUKI im KIEZ has organised three theatre performances for autumn/winter 2018 at the Fontane-Haus.

Tickets to the performance shall be subsidised by JugendKulturService via discount vouchers. You can get information about how to get the discount here.

Each of the productions has been developed for a specific age group! You are advised to keep this in mind so that the children are challenged but not overwhelmed.

A free glimpse behind the scenes

TUKI im KIEZ invites parents to a free visit to the theatre to show them how they can support their children as they enter the world of theatre.

How do you make a visit to the theatre fun for children in preschool? What can you do to make children enjoy theatre, approach it with an open mind and learn from it?

Three performances in autumn and winter 2018

Photo: Franziska Hauser
Photo: Franziska Hauser

Ylvi Wetterfest | Theater Couturier (preview, 3+)

Ylvi visits her grandpa, who lives in a small house by the sea. Ylvi is very observant - she always finds something at the beach. And her grandpa makes up delightful stories about it. But the thievish little seagull can be very cheeky sometimes. After it steals Ylvi’s favourite shell, Ylvi must do something and can’t be afraid of the storm!
Thursday, 13/09/2018 at 10 a.m.

Registration open till 10/09/2018 at JugendKulturService

Wind im Gummistiefel | TheaterFusion (2+)

From “Mein Jahreszeitenquartett”

Hey Wind, Du fröhlicher Gesell! It’s roaring and thundering, it’s fluttering and blowing, the wind is blowing hats off heads and leaves and apples off the trees. So begins a journey into autumn with language-building games using gestures. Open your umbrella and put on your gumboots, and let’s splash through the puddles! The wind has got into the mouse hole and is blowing through the home of Jacob, the little mouse.
Tuesday, 16/10/2018 at 10 a.m.
Registration open till 10/10/2018 at JugendKulturService

Das kleine Ich bin Ich | TheaterGeist (3+)

based on the book of the same name by Mira Lobe / Susi Weigel

“Who’re you?” croaks the frog. But the little one doesn’t have an answer. It’s on a search to find other animals like itself, but only meets animals who are different from it. It feels like a nobody until something amazing occurs to him…
A lively story, narrated and sung by a large, peculiar, colourful creature, a musical box with 4 long and thin legs, and a cheeky chequered inhabitant of the box.
Tuesday, 20/11/2018, at 10 a.m.
Registration open till 16/11/2018 at JugendKulturService


Fontane-Haus in the Märkisches Viertel
Entrance of the Marktplatz Märkisches Zentrum
Königshorster straße 6 | 13439 Berlin
Bus M21, 124, X21, X33 (from Wittenau station, U8/S1)


For all plays €4.00 | with the JKS discount coupon €2.50.

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