Our two coupon booklets for all children, adolescents and families in Berlin

Berliner FamilienPass 2020 logo

Berliner FamilienPass 2020. From ALBA to zoo... we’ve covered everything!

The Berliner FamilienPass is our programme for mothers, fathers, sons and daughters! Immerse yourself in the world of the Berliner FamilienPass and discover Berlin as a city full of adventures!

Regardless of their income, any families living in Berlin with children up to 17 years old can discover and make the most of lots of exciting and interesting offers together.

Around 300 discounts and over 200 free raffles, outing and workshops are waiting to be discovered by you. The Berlin FamilyPass covers everything from sports to museums and concerts.

Who can use the pass? Any family living in Berlin!

240 pages | valid from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2020 | Price: only EUR 6 for the whole family.

Berliner FamilienPass 2020


Super-Ferien-Pass 2019/20 logo

Super-Ferien-Pass – our programme to help you plan your holidays

The Super-Ferien-Pass has over 100 days of school holiday fun in store for children and young people living in Berlin!

Buying the pass lets you participate in around 170 raffles and win fun outings, day trips, trial classes and workshops, as well as free tickets to sports and cultural events. In addition, the pass contains around 180 discounts offered by many of our partners.

And there’s more: You can use the Berlin Bäder-Betriebe pool pass to use the Bäder-Betriebe pools on any of the holidays free of cost.

Who can use the pass? All children and adolescents living in Berlin up to 18 years old!

More than 200 pages + pool pass | Valid from the summer holidays in 2019 to the Easter Holidays in 2020 | Price: EUR 9 per person.

Super-Ferien-Pass 2019/2020

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