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Mitteilung aufgrund der aktuellen Verordnung zur Eindämmung des Coronavirus in Berlin:

Das geplante Osterferien-Programm vom Super-Ferien-Pass musste ersatzlos abgesagt werden. Dies betrifft alle Verlosungen (Veranstaltungen, Ausflüge, Workshops, Freikarten).
Auf unser Facebook-Seite stellen wir in der Reihe #stuckathome regelmäßig Informationen über alternative Angebote vor. Wir wünschen Ihnen alles Gute und bleiben Sie gesund!
Ihr Team vom JugendKulturService.

Update due to current regulations regarding the containment of the Corona virus in Berlin.

The planned Easter vacation program of the Super-Ferien-Pass has been canceled without replacement.  This concerns all prize draws (events, excursions, workshops, free tickets).
On our Facebook page we regularly post information about alternative offers in our #stuckathome series.  We wish you all the best and stay healthy!
Your JugendKulturService team.

3D cover Super-Ferien-Pass 2019-20 | Design: Rebecca Haupt 
3D cover Super-Ferien-Pass 2019-20 | Design: Rebecca Haupt

You can turn more than 100 days of your school holidays into memorable experiences with the pass!

The start of the summer holidays means free time, great vibes and: the start of the new Super-Ferien-Pass season! You can use the 2019/20 Super-Ferien-Pass from 20th June to make every day of your summer holidays special. The 200-page booklet is full of great discounts to get you 20-50% off and more for sport, cultural and creative activities. There are also exclusive raffles too. This all makes the Super-Ferien-Pass the perfect companion for you to make the most of fun adventures every day of your holidays and have lots of new experiences. And it’s not just for the summer holidays, but over 100 school holiday days up to the end of the 2020 Easter holidays.

And whether you’re a kid or a teenager, there’s something for everyone. We have even compiled over 200 pages for this! Because:

3 parts = 1 pass

On one page is a pass for children up to 11 years, and on the other is a pass for adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18 years with several great prices and raffles. The middle section contains of price advantages for all age groups — our “super price for all” — and your pool pass.

This way, you don’t need to waste time looking for activities for your age group and can simply open the correct page and browse through the options instead...

Logo | REWE

Good to know!

You can buy your pass by yourself or with your parents when you next go shopping. REWE is selling our Super-Ferien-Pass at more than 150 stores in the city this year too.

Just look out for our Super-Ferien-Pass display in the checkout area or ask at the till.

Or look for another sales outlet near you.

380 discounts and raffles for your super holidays in Berlin

1. Super prices

Let’s start with our super prices: For the unbeatable price of EUR 9 for 100 days, you get exclusive access to around 180 super prices (coupons that you can cut out or simply present) for sports & games, attractions, culture and creative activities.

This not only gives you a good overview with excellent ideas, but also extra-cheap admission fees in all the school holidays and even free activities!  (Keep reading below to find out about more super prices you can get with the pass.)

Logo | Stamp of pool pass

Oh yes...
... one of the special offers is the pool pass: You can use the pool pass to visit the Berliner Bäder-Betriebe pools free of charge on every day of the school holidays. This is a very popular offer, especially in the summer. Even if you only go swimming 3 times with the pool pass during the holidays, you’ve already covered the purchase price of EUR 9 for the Super-Ferien-Pass.

2. Super raffles

Our personal highlight of the Super Holiday Pass is the raffles. And thanks to the raffles, with a little bit of luck, you can win many different events and participate in them for free!

This is only possible with the Super Holiday Pass!

We have roughly 170 raffles for both age groups from the summer holidays in 2019 to the end of Easter holidays in 2020. You can win tons of places for outings, day trips, trial classes, workshops and even free tickets to sports and cultural events!
This can also give you the chance to do day trips and workshops in other parts of Berlin, make new friends and discover unknown corners of the city.

Will you have to travel alone?

For most of the events, no. You’ll be accompanied by our dedicated and competent helpers, who will prepare everything in advance and will be there for you the whole time.

3. Super prices for all age groups

In the middle section, we have put together all the price advantages that can be used by children and teenagers alike, irrespective of their age.. There is much more than just the pool pass (did we already mention that?) and lots more super offers, such as free entry for you to the zoo, aquarium, Tierpark, Museum für Naturkunde and the city’s ice-skating rinks.

It doesn’t matter which school holidays it is: you can use the discounts in summer, autumn, during Christmas, in winter and during Easter. Whenever.

Claim: 100 days for EUR 9

What exactly makes the Super-Ferien-Pass so special?

Here are some of the things we can offer you:

  • Free admission to the Berliner Bäder-Betriebe swimming pools, the city’s ice-skating rinks, the zoo and Tierpark
  • Raffles for free tickets to games with the top basketball, handball and volleyball teams in Berlin
  • Super prices for tickets to the adventure parks with rope courses, bowling alleys, exhibitions, city tours, fairs
  • and much more!

For more information, take a look at our sample booklets. You can find out about all the discounts (super prices) and raffles there. We want you to know what you’re getting:

Claim: 380 offers for super holidays!

For children:

Super prices (PDF, approx. 2.3 MB)
Raffles (PDF, approx. 1.2 MB)

For young people:

Super prices (PDF, approx. 2.3 MB)
(PDF, approx. 1.1 MB)

... And what about the “Super-Preise für alle” (Super prices for everyone)?

  • The pool pass, which lets you enjoy the pool and a refreshing dip in the cool water in the Berliner Bäder-Betriebe pools every day
  • A free ticket to the zoo or aquarium and Tierpark Berlin
  • Free tickets to the Lankwitz ice-skating rink and other public ice-skating rinks
  • Free entry to the Naturkundemuseum Berlin
  • Free entry to the swimming lake and FEZ-Berlin indoor swimming pool and the Freizeitforum Marzahn
  • 50% off tickets to selected championships with FINALS - BERLIN 2019
  • Discounts on tickets to theatre for children and young people
  • and more discounts for ISTAF 2019, the 27th Kinderkino-MondLichtFest...

So let’s go:

Claim: Get your pass now

Other important information:

When is the Super Holiday Pass valid?

The pass is valid from the first day of the summer holidays. However, it is not just during the summer holidays that you can use the pass, but also on all school holiday days, including the Easter holidays in 2020. For you, this means 5 school holidays, however you want to use them, or exactly 103 days.

How much does the Super-Ferien-Pass cost?

The pass still costs just EUR 9.
Children from low-income families have the option of getting the pass using the ‘Bildungs- und Teilhabepaket’ (Education and Participation Package) in some circumstances. For further information: The ‘Bildungs- und Teilhabepaket’ (Education and Participation Package)

Who can use the Super-Ferien-Pass?

All children and young people up to the age of 18 living in Berlin can use the pass.

Where can I get the Super-Ferien-Pass?

You can buy the pass from the start of June 2019 onwards directly from our JugendKulturService office at Obentrautstrasse 55, 10963 Berlin-Kreuzberg, any REWE store in Berlin, Karstadt sports, selected theatres for children and young people, most Resident Services Offices (Bürgerämter), on our online shop and lots more sales outlets.

Where can I find my personal code to log in to “feripro”?

You can find your unique personal code in the middle of the foldable pool pass. Please look on the page where you have to stick in the ID photo at the bottom left: you can find the 12-digit code under the Berliner Bäder-Betriebe logo. Please also include the hyphens when logging in to “feripro”.

What’s the catch? How do you do it?

Honestly? There is none. We have found several partners who wish to be involved in activities for children and adolescents, and have found a good means of doing so by including their offers in the Super Holiday Pass. Sometimes, we even bear the admission costs for you. Why are we doing this? The Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family first commissioned us in 1992 to issue the Super Holiday Pass and work on it further to plan exciting holidays for children and adolescents in Berlin. We are also happy to help you to plan your free time and fill it with creative and diverse activities.

Limitations on some of our offers:
Some offers have certain age restrictions or special conditions laid down by our partners, such as “valid for children up to the age of 14” or “only when accompanied by an adult”. Please make sure that you have read the information properly beforehand and in case of doubt, please contact our partners directly.

Is the pass subject to change?

Since there are so many offers over the course of an entire year, it is possible that changes take place every now and then. We therefore recommend that you regularly visit our “News” page. We will, of course, also announce any changes on our Facebook and Twitter accounts: (hashtag: #SuperFerienPass)

Information for parents and guardians about the Education and Participation Package!

Children and adolescents in Berlin up to the age of 18 can apply for a free Super Holiday Pass if they are entitled to benefits from the Education and Participation Package.

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