Photo: Kay Herschelmann
Photo: Kay Herschelmann

Theatre for children and young people

We encourage young people to attend theatre plays in Berlin.

We work to promote children and young people’s theatre in Berlin.

We encourage children and young people to take part in theatre activities.

We screen and examine plays for children and young people.

Incentives for theatregoers – Group coupons

JugendKulturService encourages young people to attend plays at several theatres for children and young people in Berlin by offering discounts on entry fees to groups of children from preschools, schools, day care centres, independent sponsors or youth associations in Berlin.
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Visitor information - JugendKultur info

JugendKultur info, is JugendKulturService’s free magazine containing the programmes organised by them - a service for schools and preschools as well as students and parents in Berlin. Here, you can find the programmes and information about theatre plays, concerts, and films for children and adolescents as well as information about interesting events and projects.
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IKARUS theatre award
IKARUS theatre award

IKARUS theatre award

The IKARUS award honours stage productions that transform theatre into a special experience for children and young people. IKARUS doesn’t stand for mere entertainment or joining mainstream theatre, but rather for the courage to be artistic and daring to create something different and unique.
IKARUS theatre award…

TUKI – Partnerships between preschools and children’s theatre companies

TUKI brings together partnerships between preschools and theatre companies in Berlin in order to slowly and gently introduce children between ages 2 and 6 to theatre. With its various forms of expression, theatre contributes in a large way to (early) childhood learning, fuels imagination and encourages children (and adults) to find their own way into the world.


TUKI im KIEZ’s aim is to reach the youngest audiences in Berlin and bring the theatre to places that don’t have enough children’s theatre. Three theatre performances for children have therefore been organised in cooperation with the Fontane-Haus in Reinickendorf for autumn/winter 2018.

TUSCH - Partnerships between children & young people’s theatre companies and schools

TUSCH Berlin initiates, assists and promotes partnerships between schools and theatre companies. There are 40 such collaborations at the moment, formed with the aim of giving students of participating schools direct and personal access to theatre as a cultural institution and form of art.

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