IKARUS award for excellent stage productions for children and young people

Applause for the children and young people’s theatre in Berlin!

IKARUS | Photo: Kay Herschelmann 
IKARUS | Photo: Kay Herschelmann

Icarus was brave and had an ambitious goal, and thus represents unlimited imagination. With the IKARUS award launched in 2002, JugendKulturService gives the spotlight to the varied and excellent-quality theatre scene for young people. The IKARUS award honours stage productions that transform theatre into a special experience for children and young people. IKARUS doesn’t stand for mere entertainment or joining mainstream theatre, but rather for the courage to be artistic and daring to create something different and unique.

With the IKARUS award JugendKulturService hopes to attract attention to these special theatre events and provide individuals with assistance in choosing plays to attend.

Actor Axel Prahl is the patron of the IKARUS theatre award

IKARUS patron Axel Prahl: “Why is it like this?”, “How does this work?”, “What is it for?” Children have so many questions. As a father of four, I know this very well. And I also know that it’s not always easy to find answers to questions, especially if they are difficult to explain to ourselves or we don’t like to talk about them. Researching and discussing the many questions of the young audience, putting oneself in their shoes, and searching for answers through performances are the challenges that children and young people’s theatre need to rise to and master in an exceptional manner. The plays nominated this year have also proved this by dealing with questions such as “Education for all children - why doesn’t it work?” or “What should I do if I’m separated from my mother?”.

The young audience is enthusiastic but also very critical, and I am pleased to see that they were encouraged to be part of the youth jury this year and give out their own award. I would like to thank all the young people and other jury members for their involvement, the sponsors for their support and my theatre colleagues for their exceptional stage productions

IKARUS patron Axel Prahl | Photo: Kay Herschelmann 
IKARUS patron Axel Prahl | Photo: Kay Herschelmann

As an actor who has also been greatly influenced by the GRIPS theatre, I understand the special atmosphere and challenge that comes with staging a play for a young audience. The theatre for children and young people tackles topics that are relevant to a young audience, it allows them to find themselves and a way to deal with it, build their visions for the future, and form their own opinions.
As an artist, I firmly believe that the media should acknowledge the unique and artistic quality of the theatre for children and young people, and appreciate it by means of providing regular reports on the theatre scene.

As the patron of IKARUS, I would like to thank everybody who supports the children and young people’s theatre and IKARUS through their donations and other means of assistance.

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