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JugendKultur info - Free magazine containing JugendKulturService’s programmes
JugendKultur info - Free magazine containing JugendKulturService’s programmes

JugendKultur info - Our free-of-cost programme newsletter

JugendKultur info is JugendKulturService’s free magazine containing the programmes organised by them - a service for schools and day care centres as well as students and parents in Berlin. Here, you can find the programmes and information about theatre plays, concerts, and films for children and adolescents as well as information about interesting events and projects.
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Student Newsletter Award “Theater im Blick” (“All About Theatre”)

For years, JugendKulturService has been involved in the Berlin student newsletter competition by organising the award “Theater im Blick” (“All About Theatre”). Attend theatre, understand theatre, critique theatre – and write about theatre! JugendKulturService gives out a “Theatre Award” for this.
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Information about the berlinpass – Perks for low-income earners

JugendKulturService, on behalf of the Senate Department for Integration, Labour and Social Services, informs you about the berlinpass, and is also responsible for compiling the discounts that you can get using the berlinpass.
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Logo - Family Night (Familiennacht)

Family Night (Familiennacht) – JugendKulturService is a partner

More than 120 clubs, initiatives, schools and establishments open their doors for families in Berlin and its surrounding area for Family Night (Familiennacht). Whether you’re a child, an adolescent, a mother, father or grandparent: Family Night offers everyone a programme full for fun, adventure and creativity.

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